Who is Chris Keniston

Chris Keniston is a family man, a patriot, a veteran but more importantly he is an American that will work for the people. Get to know Chris and some of his history through his Bio. Chris will also be holding town-hall meeting.

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Candidates Platform

Chris Keniston is a patriot who has outlined what the government needs to focus on. Learn more by reading his platform for America.

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We are looking for people to step up and help us take the White House back, to the people. If you feel you can help Chris at the State or Local level please contact us.

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Campaign Status Update

STATUS UPDATE: A few weeks ago, I announced that two states would allow us to bypass petitions and obtain ballot access for a fee. Colorado – $1000 Louisiana – $500 I promised to let you know when we achieved that goal. I keep my promises! Thanks entirely to YOUR generosity, we have now raised the

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A message from Chris Keniston

I received an interesting message this morning. I want to share it, and my reply, with everyone. “On Face the Nation this morning, it was said that Republicans do have a choice other than Trump. That choice is to elect a third party candidate. You should be that candidate. Your campaign needs to get loud!!”

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Which candidate is really most qualified to represent you?

“You’re not qualified to be President of the United States.” Thanks for that completely subjective opinion. An opinion that really depends upon what you personally feel qualifies a person to represent the American people in this nation’s highest office. According to the United States Constitution “No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen

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